Our cold drinks, soft drinks, hot drinks, and beverages are intended to cater to varied tastes and preferences. 

Besides a Great Menu for selection, our food comes at affordable prices.  

Hot Drinks

$2.25 Coffee

$2.75 American Coffee

$3.75 Cappuccino

$3.75 Cappuccino Mocha

$3.75 Caffe Latte

$2.25 Hot Tea

$2.50 Expresso

$3.00 Red Eye

$3.49 Hot Chocolate

$3.50 Hot Chai Latte

Cold Drinks

$3.99 Ice Cappuccino

$3.99 Ice Mocha

$3.99 Ice Latte

With Caramel +$0.75<.br> With Chocolate +$0.75

$2.49 Ice Tea

$2.75 Ice Coffee

$3.99 Milkshake

Ask for Flavors

$4.50 Milkshake (Mix)

$4.00 Iced Chai Latte

Soft Drinks

$2.25 Soda de Botella

Bottled Sodas Regular Size

$2.99 Soda de Botella (1/2 Litro)

Bottled Sodas Large Size

$1.25 Can Soda

$3.99 Smoothies

$4.50 Smoothies (Mix)

20oz-$2.49 32oz-$2.99 Fontain Drinks

$1.50 Botella de Agua

Bottle of Water

$4.50 Jugos de Frutas

$4.99 Jugos de Frutas Mixtos

Fresh Juices

(Md)-$2.75 (Lg)-$4.00 Aguas Frescas

Horchata, Jamaica. Large Only : Piña, Sandia, Melon, Mango (no refills)


$4.50 Import Beer

$3.75 Domestic Beer

$6.00 Micheladas